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Stocking more dresses than any other store we are proud to have a large selection of the Madi Lane dresses. Madi Lane gowns are both aspirational and attainable, exclusive pieces that look, feel and read modern contemporary couture. Each and every Madi Lane creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments, artfully placed on high-quality fabrics and polished in every detail. With personality and personalisation in mind, each gown embodies fierce femininity, fitting the individual body as well as it does the individual spirit.

Price Range £1295 - £2200

If we don't stock a dress you want to try. Just let us know and we'll get it sent in just for you.  Contact us for more information


We offer an appointment only basis so when you book an appointment you will be helped by your own personal bridal consultant who will be happy to advise and answer all of your questions.

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